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Phuket tops list as World’s Most Overcrowded tourist destination


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1 minute ago, PaDavid said:

The top 5 are:


  1. Phuket, Thailand
  2. Pattaya, Thailand
  3. Krabi, Thailand
  4. Mugla, Turkey
  5. Hurghada, Turkey

1. Muğla (No 4) is a province (and provincial city) in Turkey. The city is inland and is fairly unremarkable. It certainly is not high on anyone’s list of places to visit. The province includes many resorts: Bodrum, Fetiyhe, and Marmaris are the larger ones, but there are dozens of other places dotted around the Muğla coastline many of which receive few tourists. .


2. Hurghada (No 5) is in Egypt, not Turkey. 

It makes you wonder how seriously you can take the report. 

Exactly. Had a fantastic resort we visited every year in Hurghada. Egypt!!

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I used to live in Phuket from 91 to 94, it was paradise on earth back then. When I first got there, only one gogo bar (Rock Hard) existed and one disco, I believe that was called Banana. Then around late 92 the complex on the other side of 2nd Road took rise then the rest. Happened rather fast.


Just realized I'm an old fart now, oh well at least my dick still works....

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2 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

It was a <deleted> destination years ago, and that movie just made a bad situation worse.

Last time I went was after the tsunami to see for myself, and I got a great deal on an hotel.

They were just building the same <deleted><deleted> as before the tsunami and likewise on Phi Phi, so never went back to either places.

Still got the best choice of white-sand beaches in LOS.The resort beaches are still fab but the off the beaten track ones are breathtaking.

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