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British family leaves UK for Thailand for lower costs of living


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17 minutes ago, MangoKorat said:

Yes, I want Thailand to be safer but not just for me, for my Thai friends and family too. Especially when some of those safety issues are simply a matter of the police doing what they are paid to do! 


You might be surprised to learn that my Thai friends don't find Thailand's safety issues to be 'unique' - they find them downright dangerous and also want change.

IMHO ... they are paid to do the same, worldwide, and take the report after the fact.  If lucky, if actually get help from any locals, or if  CCTV available, maybe make an arrest....maybe.   


Good luck if it makes it trial, get convicted, and probably sent to one of those revolving door prisons.

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I can understand the frustration of cost of living spiralling higher and higher, same here in Aus.

Government is hell-bent on bullshit 100% renewables without any real understanding of reality.

Only this week NSW decided it would start charging people for any feedback into the grid from rooftop solar.

Our old apprentice works on some of these "solar farms" and if the farm is close to the East coast, i.e. first to get the sun, they sell their power to the grid, all at a momentary value applied.

If further inland, nope, turn them off, don't need them, most people had their breakfast now.


Then there is the ever increasing cost of food, fuel, insurances, services (which have to keep up) interest rates etc. etc.

One can tell an election is coming, they are starting to throw money around again like it is going out of fashion (apparently it is)


Those that start to think moving to Thailand will be a good idea though, have definitely not thought through everything, that's for sure.

Friend of mine has relatives in their 40's who thought the same, made the move to Chiang Mai last October and have spent more time coming back to Aus. 

So much for saving money.

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, MarkyM3 said:

OK but the people in question aren't 60 though are they.....I know there's a lot of pensioners on the forum but most people living in the UK aren't.....

Correct, they're not but your information is still wrong. Nobody get's their state pension at 60 either - not now.

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