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Russian Man Steals 15,000 Baht and Phone in Phuket Bar Heist


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13 minutes ago, fittobethaied said:


The worst is the terrible fad habit of putting a phone in one's back pocket with half of it protruding out of the pocket. Don't they realize that it could fall out so easily, especially when riding on a motorbike. Or, the obvious result would be to lose it to a pickpocket. It would be an easy target for even an unskilled pickpocket. The joke here is that the victim refuses to take responsibility for her own lack of responsibility. 

I see that all the time in UK as well, and my thoughts are similar to yours.

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13 minutes ago, KannikaP said:

They can track phones using the IEMI number, which all phones have


There are tons of software on the net that allows anyone to alter the IMEI number which is equivalent of ESN number in CDMA and TDMA phones.

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14 minutes ago, kuzmabruk said:

Your mobile carrier knows your IMEI


You can look it up:

  • For Android: Go to Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI information.
  • For iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About, and scroll down to find the IMEI number.

Then take a screen shot and upload the picture to your Google Drive.

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