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British Man Found Dead in Phuket Hotel Room, Drugs Suspected


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A 48-year-old British man was discovered dead in his hotel room in Cherng Talay, Phuket, prompting an investigation by local police.


Authorities were alerted to the scene in Soi Cherng Talay 14 at 4:30 PM on June 22. The man, who hailed from Bournemouth, was found lying on his back on the bed, dressed in grey boxer shorts, with his hands tightly clenched. Initial investigations have not revealed any signs of physical harm, but a white powder suspected to be drugs was found in the room.


CCTV footage showed the deceased entering and exiting the room alone, with no one else seen entering during the period leading up to his death.


The body has been moved to Vachira Phuket Hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Police have contacted the British embassy to notify the man's relatives and to arrange for the repatriation of his body.


In a related incident, a 47-year-old machine operator from Pontypridd, South Wales, was also found dead in his hotel room in Thailand, leaving family and friends deeply distressed.


Simon Brown, affectionately known as "Browny," was discovered lifeless, with an investigation into his unexpected death currently underway. Friends and family members describe their state as one of utter shock and sadness, citing that there were no prior indications of ill health.


Mark Davies, a close friend of Brown, shared his disbelief: "It’s just a total shock, it was so unexpected. He wasn’t ill. There was nothing wrong with him. Everyone knew him. He was a crazy bloke – really outgoing and always up for a laugh."


Known for his zest for life and frequent travels to Thailand, Brown's family now faces the challenging task of repatriating his body, a process both lengthy and expensive. While investigations continue, both communities are left grappling with the sudden loss and unanswered questions surrounding these untimely deaths.


Picture courtesy: Cherng Talay Police



-- 2024-06-24


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Usually they add an  'illustration' picture to make the article more visual to the subject or the article, so no guarantee

what that is the stuff he used... 

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10 hours ago, ChipButty said:

Im not sure about the photo looks staged to me, 


That is clearly a staged photo - it is obviously taken "before" rather than "after", unless the guy meticulously prepared his snort and the passed away from other causes.


However, that is a British debit card in the photo.......


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