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Foreign ministry: 20,000 foreign tourists a month set to come into Thailand


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26 minutes ago, jaiyen said:

AS far as I know Thai Airways have no international flights. So that mucks things up a bit !

Yep.Plus Australia has extended until 17th of March "State of emergency" B.S. so no one's getting out of here until then.Unless you're connected like Abbott,Pedo Pell,etc.


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They are saying the right things, but they will be saying a slightly different thing next week.  People here recommending they open the country without quarantine restrictions make no sense; re-start the local experience of the pandemic for what?  Thailand doesn't need 2-3 week vacationers, and can't afford the impact of welcoming them.


Really marketing these programs to draw people interested in longer stays will require saying the same things two weeks in a row. 


It should have been a 60 day stay followed with the option to renew for two additional 60 day stays from the start.  Financially secure retirees can afford to be in Thailand instead of their own country, where they stand a much higher chance of dying.  By that I mean the middle class, not someone saving up for 11 months to visit one of the lowest cost of living destinations on the planet, to then live on the cheap there.

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