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Thailand’s third COVID-19 wave has already peaked: CCSA

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Number of tests peaked on the same date...🤐

Thai authorities need to package and sell their secret formula to defeating all strains of covid. One of the few countries in the world who can contain the UK variant in such a short time with no majo

Good news, but why the move to "deep-red" zones then?

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4 minutes ago, John Drake said:

Could easily be that the possibility of being detained in a field hospital puts the fear of God into everyone and they comply with Covid mandates.


Buddha promised them a new life.


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1 hour ago, Petey11 said:

in such a short time with no major restrictions.


I get your humour but to be fair, there have been a reasonable amount of restrictions, in Bangkok at least.

Bars - shut 3+ weeks ago.

Companies - many working at home for 2 weeks already.

Convenience stores - shutting at 10pm for 1 week already.

I won't mention shopping malls as all that is nonsensical...


What does seems strange in the context of 'being through the worst' is that they are ramping up restrictions tomorrow !



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30 minutes ago, grandpa said:

I cannot understand how Thailand can control this virus so quickly when most of the rest of the world (who incidentally do a huge amount of testing by comparison) are still struggling to put the lid on it!  And if the figures are correct, why aren't world leaders calling in their droves to discover the secret of success?



It's the humidity, or is that the smoke ?

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3 minutes ago, TheFishman1 said:

I just don’t believe it I don’t think the Thai government can’t control or contain the virus they do very limited testing yeah I think people would be surprised they knew the real numbers high government counts the virus like they do road fatalities which everybody knows are not real TIT


There just showing off their "army/government skill set.

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