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Not again! Another website used by foreigners in Thailand suffers massive data breach

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For the second time in as many days, an official website used by foreigners in Thailand has purportedly suffered a data breach.   On Wednesday, blogger Richard Barrow tweeted that the websit

Nothing new. They have been doing it for years with the photocopies of application forms on the back of other peoples passport and other document copies.

welcome to thailand 0.4. do expect local mafia figures to check on your home safe, while you pop to shops. you passport data used by terrorists (they might even take it with safe). some

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15 minutes ago, JamieM said:

Nonsense, he did not gain unauthorised access to any system it was there for all to see. 

and where do you think the data was retrieved from? thin air?

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Yes, it is possible to change a userID in a URL (which should not be displayed anyway) and retrieve another users data. I've done it under controlled conditions. But only if the developer has neglected security considerations and validation routines when the web site was created, which is the point that Mr Barrow was trying to make. Of course, most web developers worth their salt would never allow this to happen so there are still some places free in the world's jails.


My original point was that if he did this then it would be legally defined as hacking i.e. gaining unauthorised access to a system or data.

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