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Record number of COVID-19 vaccinations in single day on Friday in Thailand

Jonathan Fairfield

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What brand of vaccines?  The source article doesn't say.  The third booster shots will be for frontline medical workers who received Sinovac.  There are going to be a lot of booster shots for people who have had both jabs of the useless Sinovac since it doesn't protect against Delta.

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10 hours ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

361,284 were second jabs

I wonder how many of these were 3 weeks after the 1st AZ jab. I know 156 were as I have previously posted. This is how you get fully vaccinated numbers up quickly. Never mind that protection will now last a much shorter time. AZ 8wks between shots minimum with recommended being 12 wks.

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9 hours ago, alyx said:

Well, now I am confused. Booster shots are "supposed" to be given to population at risk within a certain timeframe. I am pretty sure that this has not been long enough since anyone has got the second jab. Also has it been made any mention of such a program in Thailand ?

Healthcare workers

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46 minutes ago, MaiDong said:

915,000 in a single day.

Based on a 12 hour day;

76,250 per hour.

1,270 per minute.

21 per second.


Does that look possible? I don't know how many separate sites are administering the vaccines, but say for example it's 21 sites, they'd have to be jabbing 1 person every second, for 12 hours.


The people who would benefit from fudging the numbers are the people in charge of the purchase & distribution of the vaccines, for example, several of my son's friends have had both jabs, many months ago actually, because their parents work in high up positions in private corporations, how did they get their hands on vaccines so long ago? Vaccines weren't(& possibly still aren't?) commercially available...

21 sites!? Lol, do that X5 atleast.

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3 hours ago, Dene16 said:

lots of different stories but the latest research on the Pfizer vaccine has said there is a sudden sharp drop off in its ability to protect you (don't know at what time period that is). All UK residents over 50/55 are to have booster shots as they are worried that with a cold winter there will be a sudden upturn of cases/.deaths

No doubt about it. I am just saying that this has definitely not reached the Thai public and wonder where this comes from. Let alone the fact that Sinovac and Astra Zeneca are the mere vaccines administered over here

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What happened to the vaccination sites that had very over crowded pictures.  Think one gov official suggested it was bad camera angle.

I was at Bang Sue on July 27 and it was seriously overcrowded Mad house.

Note that the staff did amazing job.

So jabs back then were perhaps 500k or less? Where are they doing the extra 400k+.

What happened to the many front line vac sites saying that they had inadequate supplies. 


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