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Getting old ....


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35 minutes ago, LawrenceN said:

Congratulations! The invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. 


Hey! Remember we used to send telegrams? คอนแกรชูเลชั่นส์

In a previous life I used to send and receive CW - what most call Morse Code

Where did it go ???


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49 minutes ago, tonray said:

Thanks for your little bit of rain on someone's sunny day

OP never said anything but "it's been a good run"  What does that even mean?  I made it?

If love, passion, or happiness, are not mentioned, what is the point of posting about marriage?  


Jeez, neither of them are even smiling in the photo. 


To each their own, my marriage didn't work out (as you can likely tell) 555



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I admire you and the Thai wife... What a great achievement....

Sorry to say that i been married 53 years to 4 wives.... (It has been a bit like the 'kiddie' merry-go-round...     

2 American and 2 Thai wives....  Number 4 is Thai and I joke with her - we been together 25 years so 'That makes you the 'winner'..... That is what I joked with her recently..........

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