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Nearly 2,500 travellers enter Thailand on first day of full reopening


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13 minutes ago, Emdog said:

The use of word "traveler" is a rather broad classification, aka "one who travels".

As the hope is for tourism to take off, it would be nice to know how many of those "foreign travelers" are on tourist visas.

"Everyone, Thai and non-Thai, arriving from abroad have to leave the airport in hotel vans." Like to get a bit of that action, eh?

Most of the foreign travellers are likely to be on VE. 

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9 minutes ago, steven100 said:

SO what about the 7000 tourists  that were arriving according to TAT   ??      only 1,534 ....   

where are the other 5,500 international tourist ????


did you get it all wrong TAT  ??     so your numbers are false then       ???

No 7000 is where the dart landed BUT it's all the fault of this guy and the quality Thai IT engineers = blame them.


Tomorrows scape goat TBA!

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