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Thailand Pass: Nearly 40,000 registrations and more than 6,000 approvals since Monday


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The IT specialist and spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs went online yesterday morning to give the latest figures for people applying for the Thailand Pass.


This is a new one-stop site to collate documents and apply to enter Thailand that came online as Thailand reopened to foreign tourists on Monday.


Tanee Sangrat said that at 6.30 am yesterday a total of 39,506 people had registered and that 6,484 had been approved. 


The MoFA has been working with the Digital Government Development Agency to make it easier for people to get the required documentation together for entry into Thailand, noted the Thai business media yesterday.  



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51 minutes ago, poskat said:

40000 registered, and approving them at a rate of about 1,500 per day.....


considering how they were saying how they were expecting a surge in those wanting to travel here, they might have anticipated the need for more people working on the approvals...


I dont think their suggested time for approval of 7 days will be even close to reality

Took 32 hours for my friend to get approved. Was quicker than expected.


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1 hour ago, internationalism said:

that is every 6th person or 15% got TP.

yes, there is still time till 8th november, when all applicants suppose to get their pass. 

Interesting to know how they count those who applied 5-10 times over 2 first days, when there were many bugs and not confirmation email.

For me it looks shambles, even for the ministry spokesman it looks great success.

But they will always say success propaganda

I would hazard a guess it's all the Scandinavian + others that spend 6 months in Thailand coming back , they are quite happy with their nice condos on the golf course and the local club,

They will be glad to get out of the madness in Europe , which is now having heaps of protests against mandated vaccination to keep their jobs .

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1 hour ago, cheapcanuck said:


Check junkmail, spam folders. If still not find, resubmit. 

<deleted> <deleted> <deleted> <deleted>.

I'm leaving Monday, i had submitted the request on Tuesday (Monday was totally broken) : no email

I've submitted again right now : no email


Should i keep spamming !?!

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1 hour ago, antimuds said:

I am flying off on the 8th of Nov, I am so stress out now. Can’t find a place to ask for help

Hey did you manage to receive a confirmation email ?


My friend received a confirmation email right after submitting (not an approval email, just a confirmation), i've submitted twice and still nothing and i also leave on 8th.


Damn <deleted>

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5 hours ago, Danderman123 said:

So 32,000 applicants have their plans held up, and 6,000 people got lucky.


I am seeing some people with flight dates a month away getting instant approvals, and people flying soon have nothing but a confirmation email. Generally, if you get a confirmation email, but not instant approval, your application is in the ether.


10,000 apps on first day, only 400 approvals.


so, it’s 10,000 apps filed every day, 1500 approvals.


Sounds like a 7 day turnaround to me.



If this is the case then how does the 72 hour covid test weigh into this?


How is even possible to file before you have the test a few days before?? **I know nothing of the process.

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