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We want to go back to Thailand and live there together permanently, but

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I dont have any income at all. I only have a small guarantee pension wich my gov
denies me if I live outside europe.
We have a son together who was born in europe and never has been in Thailand.
I have 1 mil baht in cash but no income at all.
We have a house and a small farm in Thailand that will be enough for us to get by.
Is it possible for us to live in Thailand together without getting problems with thai imigration.
We are not married in Thailand and we cant get married there for some unfortunate issues.
My wife is homesick <off topic comment removed>.

I dont want to be forced do leave Thailand and go back, I dont have any family left and wouldnt have anywhere to go

if thai imigration send me back.
Does anyone have any idea what we can do or is it impossible for us?

Is staying here our only option?

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It sounds like you are in an impossible position.    One million  baht might sound like a lot of money, especially to your (Thai) wife,  but   to support the three of you, even  modestly, it wont last long with no other income.       Ok,, if you    can get a "O"  class  retirment visa,  which     does not require  the US $100,000  health insurance   an "OA"  c;lass visa does,  you would still need to  obtain  health insurance of US$50,000   to  enter Thailand,   you could    take that out for a short period of time and let it expire  after  , say, 3 months,   but  you  still need to   permanently keep  800,000 baht in a Thai bank, to enable you to   extend   even an "O"  retirement   visa, as  you are not   legally married, in Thailands eyes, uintil you get  your foreign  marriage registered here, which is   rather difficult and costly to do.,   that amount  could then   reduce to 400,000 baht, permantly left in the bank.    Frankly, I dont   think  what  you want is possible.    Just  what  country are you from, Ive never before  heard of an age pension ceasing on departure??

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3 hours ago, BritTim said:

Living on the farm would be no problem. However, as a foreigner, it is absolutely forbidden for you to do any work as a farmer. That raises the question of where your income will come from. The income that can be expected as a subsistence Thai farmer would be little enough, but it does not seem you would even be able to get that.


You are in a very difficult position. Your wife is, apparently, unhappy in Europe. However, that one million baht in savings you possess is liable to evaporate very quickly once you are living in Thailand with no income, and a wife and son to support. How old is your son? Even if using Thai public schools, there is some cost involved in getting your son educated. I really fear you could become another Westerner whose family falls apart in Thailand, with no income and without enough money even to return to home country.


Consider talking, together with your wife, to a marriage counsellor.  You need to find a way forward that is acceptable to both you and your wife, and that is based on more than wishful thinking.

You say foreigners can not work on a farm but of course  they can and do. You can work on your own property  and there is thread dedicated  to farming on this forum and regular reports from Foreign issan farmers!



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8 hours ago, kneebendingfools said:

Does anyone have any idea what we can do or is it impossible for us?

Is staying here our only option?

How old are you, your wife and your son.

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So many retirees living in Pattaya with an income of around 1000 Euro. 

How they get all their visa? 

They just contact one of the immigration agent, who will do their yearly visa for a fee of about 12 - 15k.

So you would be able to keep your savings. 

To Google search PATTAYA VISA AGENT and then inquire. 

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One question: 

If you cannot get married in Thailand, why not get married in your country?

Then you would have a marriage certificate and might be able to get a visa based on marriage.


You need to consider many things.

How you would earn a living.

What if you became sick?

Son's education.

A back up plan if your relationship fails and you have no money etc.

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I think there is a child visa so if I am right you have a Thai child so  you should be able to get this visa how you would go about it I don’t know but where there is a Will there is a way

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So many questions and few answers I am afraid.


Is your house and farm unoccupied and if so how long has it been since it has had modest maintenance?


Will you receive any pension at all as a pensioner - in fact, are you a pensioner?


How old is your son? If never been to Thailand, is he fluent in Thai. If educated in Europe has he acquired a skill that would enable him to work and help support the family? If he is now too young for such a situation that isn't an option. Is your wife able to work?


As others have said, it does seem your chances of permanency is looking very fragile.


Strictly financially, and supposing getting into Thailand was free (no Immigration stipulations) and further suppose you as a family of three could live on B20,000 per month (unlikely, I think), your circumstances at the very minimum would be serious after just five years. This also pre-supposes there are no emergencies and unexpected expenses of any kind between the three of you and your home and farm. Depending on what that was worth in assets and land might determine if you could sell it for a substantial sum that would provide capital (to use as income) for many years!  I wouldn't want to do that, though!!


I have said what I think and I am sorry, it isn't very inspiring or promising!





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There are a few here who know better than me about such things so listen to them. 

After reading your post I can see you're in a difficult place financially.

The money you have in savings will cover only the visa requirements (800K banked) for retirement, or for marriage (400K banked) and the paperwork to get these settled, but leave you with very little left i.e. the few hundred thousand bath left won't last long at all after that. 

Without some other income I would say to you, honestly and with compassion, your sums won't add up to live in LOS. 

Others have spoke of the basic-expenses you'll need to cover and you simple won't have these.

A farm, run extremely well and efficiently, would produce some food and bring some income, but require experienced hands and a lot of hard graft every day of the year.

I would suggest you'd be extremely restricted and living on a knife-edge financially if you tried to come here as things are. 

I wonder is there some way you can arrange to keep your pension by maybe travelling back and forth to home country for a time just long enough each year to remain eligible for your pension and not spending too much time away from the woman you love? i.e. Keep a home address for your countries official record purposes such as offical mail, electoral role etc but live the majority of the year in LOS. 

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By coming here you would lose your euro welfare, any wife’s euro earnings, your euro pension and sons euro education. Your savings gone here after three years if using agent for Longstay Visa so no financials. From limited info. provided it is neither rational or economic to move here.

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9 hours ago, Swiss1960 said:

You can not live in Thailand, simple as that! This is what you write, and my thoughts:

  • we cant get married in Thailand => your only option would be a retirement Visa/extension, if you are over 50y old
  • I have 1 mil baht in cash => you would need to show 800K of that for each of your annual extensions, so you can not spend it.
  • We have a house and a small farm in Thailand that will be enough for us to get by => so you have food and maybe water (if you have a good well), but nothing else
  • I have no income at all, my government denies me my pension if I live outside Europe => How do you think you can live without ANY income? How do you pay for (few examples):
    - electricity for your house
    - fees for immigration to renew your extensions
    - school fees for your kid
    - any medicine you or your family members might need in an emergency
    - any transportation, if you have to go somewhere (taxi or gasoline)
    - any clothes or hygiene items that your family needs

Do you think that live is for free in Thailand????

I wonder if the OP should do some further investigation/research to try to resolve the issue of 'can't get married in Thailand', or is it 'can't get married where they are now?'


Too often people accept third hand information on these subjects and when investigated/researched properly they're quite surprised at the totally correct understanding of the laws/regulations etc., involved. 

perhaps the pension situation also needs further/proper research.

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36 minutes ago, JoseThailand said:

Since he gets a pension in Europe, he must be 65 or older.

Think he is on disability pension.

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Before thinking about moving I would take a step back. You have very little income and not financially stable. Plus you have a family.  And you seem to have other types of issues you don’t want to get into. I’m not trying to belittle you.  I’m just looking at the facts.  
Think of what steps to take to better yourself right now. You need a plan.  Not just moving to another country hoping things will work.  Maybe you can get some type of counseling at no or very little cost to help you in your country. 
Just moving to another country in your situation is not the answer.  Things might stay the same or get worse

 But I need to mention just out of curiosity.  Is it true you are from Sweden. Because Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in the world. With all this financial hardship and little income . How have you managed to live in Sweden? 

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1 hour ago, Sheryl said:

He seems to be in Sweden.


While income based pensions continue if one moves abroad, the guaranteed pension ends if he moves outside Europe.


OP, with no income prospects at all, a move to Thailand would be a  bad idea IMO. Although you can probably get a visa on the basis of being the parent of a Thai you will have to show 400,000 baht in the bank each year to get and maintain it.  Your remaining 600,000 baht savings will get you through for a couple of years but then what? And for that matter, even in the near term, what will you do if you have a major accident or illness? Health care is not free in Thailand for foreigners.


You also need to consider what your situation would be if you left Sweden, moved to Thailand, and your relationship were to end - it does happen. The house and farm are your wife's, not yours. If the relationship ends you will be in Thailand with nowhere to live and no income, and have given up your life and home in Sweden.


Depending on his age, a move to Thailand might be a difficult adjustment for your son as well.


Understandably your wife is homesick but perhaps think more in terms of visiting once or twice a year.

Just to clarify: The Swedish state pension, accrued from compulsory deductions is only payable in the European Union?

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I think a lot depends on the age of the son, which hasn't been mentioned. Is he still of school or college age, or working already? Will he even come along to Thailand?


Losing the pension which seems to be the only source of income isn't really feasible. What's the residency requirement to keep it, how many days per year do you need to spend in your home country? That will tell you how much time you could spend in Thailand, which also has an impact on visa options. 

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Best wishes to you OP and to your wife.

I know of a Swedish/Thai couple (assuming your are Swedish) who are in a similar situation.

The wife can work here, he gets his pension there, they spend a few months/year together.

(wouldn't be easy at 30, but at retirement age it might be possible, thanks also to Skype).

She tried to live in Sweden and came back in tears.

The crucial point is your son's age, which you don't mention.


btw, I understand you have no special connections in your home country but moving suddenly to Thailand, especially to the countryside, without a good exposure first might be a wrong move.



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I think you should work for the amount off time you are required to stay in your home country ,seasonal .

Then go back and forth for a few years to see how it works for you three .

I also think you need to give a lot more info for people to be able to advise you .

Your age ,kids age ,what country you are from ,etc .

You might be surprised that others from your country have suggestions you have not thought about .

Long term you just simply need more money .

Lots work in different county's out there.

I have done 6 months in Thailand and six months working in Canada for 20 years .

Works for visa ,tax,pension .

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