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Yahoo and Thaiger Report - Thailand is set to fully decriminalize cannabis


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13 minutes ago, sanuk711 said:

I have taken it in Cookies, happy Pizza in Cambodia, and my Ex used to put it in some soups.

but I have been an Anti smoker all my life-- I noticed my friends always mixed it with a bit of tobacco to keep it alight, and they all ended up as Cigarette smokers.


But its always been madness putting people in jail for using this plant-----so if there is no punishment then, it has to be legal.


I just had to smile at your signature. So true for many people.

Back to the topic....

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1 hour ago, ezzra said:
1 hour ago, Moonlover said:

Do please explain why you think this a step backwards.


1 hour ago, ezzra said:

Why do you think is a good thing for people to smoke at all Huh?

Pardon me but I didn't say it was a good thing. I'm a non user and have no fixed views for or against, but I'm curious to hear the pros and cons of the argument which will inevitably ensue.

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29 minutes ago, Bruno123 said:

I think you might be confused. Confused in thinking that suddenly there will be an explosion in the amount of people who use it. The people who are interested in cannabis for one reason or another, are already taking it.

The difference is not having to be concerned with prosecution or having to put up with a low quality product.

I cannot imagine that there is a Thai person who cannot obtain weed if they want it. 

What I read in your reply is simply hysteria created by your own mind. A mind that does not understand much about the subject at all.

There are upsides and there are downsides. A person who only looks at the downsides is not doing themselves any justice.

Look at both sides and you have an intelligent outlook. Look at only one side... you understand.





Yes you could "obtain" it if you want, but still, who need more harmful substances adding to our everyday wows already? dose anyone want to see it sold like in 7/11 or your Bic C? what good will it do other than to get high? expect of course for medicinal purposes that i have said already...

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23 minutes ago, Bruno123 said:

Erm.... 🙂


You thanked ezzra in his post; but then backtrack admitting that is was helpful to someone.


Let's say that 10% of the population use it in one form or the other. You claim to have seen two undescribed bad scenarios. How many have you seen due to alcohol or Meth or prostitution or....


It's a bit ridiculous to condemn something because of two incidents that might be totally unrelated to cannabis(since you haven't described the circumstances).


I have not seen even a single negative issue amongst my friends who used to use it and possibly still do. 


Your peers don't agree with your point of view: https://news.yahoo.com/jim-belushi-growing-weed-series-cannabis-pot-farmer-tv-show-brother-john-160013065.html

I agreed to medical use no tracking,  I condem the smoking of that type of drug. 

If you like it fine I have my opinion and will stick to it. 

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