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Covid: Emergency decree extended yet again - Songkran blamed


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Picture: Thai Rath


Thai Rath reported that the Thai cabinet has once again extended the Covid-19 emergency decree.


They said this is because of the potential for spread at the upcoming Songkran new year festival in Mid April.


This was the 17th such emergency decree recommended by the security council and now agreed. 


It was also noted that apart form the continued infections being experienced in Thailand, the country's neighbors also have problems with Covid, especially Myanmar. 


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February and March have seen infections throughout the country as restrictions were eased. 


The decree gives the government extra powers that were felt necessary to contain a possible rise in spread during the long holiday period that is Songkran. 


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1 hour ago, Thaiwrath said:

I think it will stay, as long as the pope is a Catholic !

Very sad, but it's all about CONTROL !

Good fortune seems to be helping the government every step of the way in holding onto power and control. 
no holy water for this Songkan perhaps part of the deal with the devil. 

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15 minutes ago, samahan said:

Still waiting to see if they will give covid extensions to all, any news on this?  Thanks in advance!



The government needs the covid emergency degree to allow the covid extensions to continue .

I have heard no news as you asked , however I am sure the covid extensions will be continued .

They need all the money they can get at the moment . 

Many landlords will be displeased if the covid extensions are not continued .

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9 hours ago, prakhonchai nick said:

Will there be a last minute ban on inter provincial travel, and banning anyone sitting in the rear bed of pick-ups?

They tried to ban sitting on the rear bed of pick ups a couple of years ago, hell on, how would people get to work and the kids get to school and of course baht buses which are pick ups.

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2 minutes ago, Darkside Gray said:

Control and nothing else. The Thai government is afraid of there own shadows!

Meh. A bit simplistic.


My sense is that this is more about legal indemnification against potential future fall-out from actions taken, and not taken, during the COVID situation. This could range from potential long term health issues from emergency use, to "corruption" to economic hardships.


If (not when) a real government is elected (never, but never say never so the need for protection) there might be investigations.


Most of these chaps have been around for eons, they've seen witch-hunts. New constitutions are easily written.


Again, old- hands like Wissanu Krea-ngam and Chuan Leekpai are smart enough to add protections. Same-same for the self-granted immunity after the latest coup.







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1 hour ago, Darkside Gray said:

Control and nothing else. The Thai government is afraid of there own shadows!

Yes, joining some posters with membership of the "scared of your own shadow" brigade, they know the protesters will soon be coming, and probably much more than the last time. 

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