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Trump under investigation for potential violations of Espionage Act


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11 minutes ago, simple1 said:

trump administration increased the penalty to five years in prison for the illegal removal of clasified documents. trump cannot just declare documents unclassified, he must adhere to the processes. If found guilty, hopefully the maximum sentence will be applied. Aside from being unable to contest the Presidency, one major benefit would be not to have his and his followers incessent whining in the media.




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6 minutes ago, Chomper Higgot said:

Alarm bells started ringing in my head when he wrapped himself in the flag and accused others of treachery.





Maybe he thought he had picked up a French Flag ? 😂

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43 minutes ago, Tippaporn said:

Wake me up when this story pans out.

You will probably need a "handsome Prince" to do that!

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Just now, LarrySR said:

Waterboard him.

Maybe he will tell the truth for once.

Force feed him with McDonalds cheeseburgers, his favourite, that food will finish him off eventually

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