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Thailand to scrap all emergency provisions as it seeks to boost a very fragile economic recovery


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9 hours ago, AnotherFarang8 said:

Finally, 2 years and 6 months later. Now we, who resisted taking the vaccine cocktail, and patiently waited for the “old normal”, which is the only kind of normal, can think about a well deserved holiday just like the good old days.

Good to see these terrible restrictions and forcing people to take a vaccination they don't want dropped. We have come a long way from last year when the correct response to the unvaccinated was to fire them from work, banish them from society and/or punch them in the face.

What I do find amazing is that science follows a countries economic situation. Who knew? Or has the follow the science mantra been abandoned? 

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6 minutes ago, kamahele said:

It sounds like a child wrote this. What type of foreigner comes to a country, not their own and flouts that they don't follow the rules that all of the locals follow with no complaint?

There is no rule that you have to wear a mask.  You mean mob rule or a legal law?

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