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Local Pattaya bar owner at wits end after legal dispute over bar lease and status


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12 minutes ago, Scouse123 said:

This sounds like he has taken a sub lease for 12 months from the leaseholder and doesn't own anything.

They rarely do... not much up for sale in those areas. It is a minefield doing business here but cashed up folks keep landing!

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Was it Washington bar area in Bangkok where owners were forced out, the bully boys were sent in at nighttime. I do recall going to a rather good GGB that was surrounded by other bars etc that were in the process of being demolished. 

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This guy is the owner of nothing, but maybe it´s a UK thing to rent something and then say they own it. However, why did Mr. Jason not rent and sign the lease himself? What does he have to hide? If nothing to hide, that action is plain stupid.

So, here we have a man the rented a place for buy equipment and furniture as well as employ people and stock up. All making it look like a bar. At the same time putting his trust in other people on the most important paper. His lease! 

Yeah, that sums it up! I think it´s just to read above. No more words needed. Anyway, I am totally lost and out of words. 

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3 hours ago, andyman57 said:

In the word's of Freddie mercury and another one bites and another one bites another one bites the dust 🤣😂

"and another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust"

 is how it goes, I think...

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