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When the farang do gooders take over

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Some things never change, there will always be those calling for change 😄 no need to get all worked up, some change will be good some change not so good 

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15 minutes ago, patman30 said:

which of those are propoganda free?

Can you name a book universally considered free of propoganda?


15 minutes ago, patman30 said:

looks like they just banned the "collection"

as if they banned the people deciding what goes into that collection

Initially. Per the link: After 10 months, 47 titles were rejected and returned to the distributor and 26 still hold “pending” status. ... This shop contains the rejected and pending titles.


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21 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

And how many dinner conversations do you think you will encounter in rural Ohio, about my trans child? Or my transitioning child. Or any such nonsense?

That's because Ohio has a secret anti-LGBT formula added into the public the water supply.





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