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Putin Warns Russia May Arm Nations to Strike the West

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8 hours ago, Tug said:

NATO isn’t attacking Russia the Ukrainian nation is breaking up Russian attacks on their country as the stage up on Russian territory simple as that tell your leader to return to Russia then pay reparations 

Nato is in the way for Russias interests, and looking back on the history, thats a bad idea no matter who it is. Soviet impacted western interests in Asia 50 - 60 years ago, we know the results of that. 


Ukraine is Russias back yard and holds essential resources they want, not different from South Amerika if someone remembers the chaos those countries had to deal with, and who was sponsored from the Usa to rebel and create chaos and physical interventions? 


This is facts that have to be counted in to the discussion when you see the Russian methods and aggressive politics as well interventions in their back yard. 

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Wow, some posters do have plenty of time!

I thought AN is about Thailand and some ASEAN coutries, why even bother to discuss what is happening in coutries far-far away.
Seriously who cares? IMHO 

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1 hour ago, johng said:

US of good ole A has instigated far more wars and massive global problems than Russia,  regime change is all that's required.

The US isn't threatening Europe right now. Pointless what about.

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