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The Upcoming Presidential Debate

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7 hours ago, SoCal1990 said:

- Aggressive and confrontational

to be fair, every single presidential debate in history gets like that.

but that's one of many reasons I never watch them anymore.

maybe trump is worse and more over the top than others though.

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2 hours ago, HappyExpat57 said:

Do I dare say they can be identified by the red hats and golden sneaker receipts? (they will NEVER receive those sneakers, that was a pure a con job!)

Probably they don't even mind if they don't get the sneakers, they just love to support their billionaire. 

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23 minutes ago, atpeace said:

I spend very little time on forums but every few months I get the itch then after a month or two feel compelled to disconnect from the hate.


The herd only insults and never contemplates.  They are the first to insult others intelligence while not grasping there own vile hate.  It is entertaining to look upon the self determined righteous act like a five year old that didn't get the popsicle.  Trump like them, to a lesser extent,  is challenging to say the least but the haters are evil inconsequential jerks that just aim to hurt and obviously get great pleasure from it.  Funny and weak posters but entertaining for a while to get a laugh at their expense

New Yorkers are aggressive. McEnroe, Trump just say what they think. Nothing more to it that that. 

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13 hours ago, atpeace said:

He has set the bar quite low which sets him up for success.

Yes, THIS! No better way to express confidence than manipulatively setting the bar low 🤪😅

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