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Refused an extension for 55 satang ( Retirement )

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3 minutes ago, happy chappie said:

All the more reason and a good excuse to move to Vietnam.i wish I had of travelled around a bit more before settling down in Thailand.i gave up my retirement visa this week as I don't want to be held to ransom with 800,000 trickling away with inflation when it will be put to good use building two more apartments and giving me a return of 12,000b a month.this country seems to be on a self destruct mission if you ask me.

Good plan. Also you won't need to worry about retirement visa in Vietnam. In the main because they don't have one. BTW your not allowed to build two more apartments. You can buy. Heck you have a whooping 800k baht, buy 6.

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49 minutes ago, Pib said:

No it hasn't been below 40 for over a week.  For the last week or so the TT Buying rate has been around 40.9. 


Correct, typo error, should have stated below 41 baht for a week, still nowhere near the 41.45 the OP stated.

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19 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

It seems the were accustomed to the 800k baht option and was checking that your funds had not dropped a certain amount for the 3 months.

Since the 3 months requirement for a combination option is not required according to the police order and the requirement is only a requirement set by a local office they should only go by the amount in the account on the date your applied.

I suggest you try again and ask for a supervisor and plead your case.

Holy sh1t , I don't believe u just said that.

The fact is i have a choice where I live of where to go for an extension. There is an office just up the highway, and another office in Maesai some 80 kilometres away. I chose Maesai because I felt they would be less strict than the local office. I left the office without taking my passport/documents so I had to return the following day to collect them. I pleaded in Thai ( with my wife's training ) to help me. The woman who had seen me the day before asked me to wait for her boss, which I did. I never saw the boss face to face and so I never had the chance to argue my case. Again I was refused. They repeated I not have money for 3 months, but said if the exchange rate went to 42.00 then to come back as all would be good.

I was completely deflated.

In combined income and money I have close to 1 million baht.


Maybe I will take my wife with me next week and see what the local office have to say.

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I assume the amount in the bank is in Thai baht and therefore not the problem. It must be the income amount.


UNlike many on this thread I do feel for the OP. It's tough at the moment with the GBP to THB rate. I think they should have been flexible and looked at the prevailing rate as in reality the OP had the correct amount in THB on the date in question. But we all know that flexibility is not part of the Thai Government Officers' thinking (without a brown envelope that is)!


With 800,000 baht in a Thai bank, now the income letters are not going to be able to be used, this should no longer be an issue!



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the immigration have been harsh. Feel for the poster. Not everyone is loaded and if they were its an embarrassment to be in Thailand. Far better places to sepnd money. Immigration should have let it through.

im on a non o just a lil young to retire but never will. Been here too long and spent more than i should. Ill border run and travel home indefinitely. Its cheaper and safer than extending and what not for me.

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One more reason to try to keep the 800 k besides for 3 months.... as Pound AND Euro running high risk of drastic unforeseen exchange rates plummeting deep , as no deal Brexit is an almost certain outcome... and you can not "repair" the seasoning period as time machines still not invented …! !

And not forgetting the Embassy letter for income trouble for some nationality's

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31 minutes ago, OneeyedJohn said:

but said if the exchange rate went to 42.00 then to come back as all would be good.


From that I understand that they use the calculation in the correct way, as Ubonjoe states they should use it, because if the exchange rate went back to 42, that would not make any difference for those few days in October that you claim to be the reason for the rejection.

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