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Tourism recovery: 13.8 million tourists will come to Thailand next year if 500K Thais are vaxxed daily

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And there's when I stopped reading further. 

Not if: beaches and parks are closed at the whim of whoever fancies exercising authority, not if bars and restaurants are closed, or again likely to be closed at short notice, and not if there is the

REUTERS FILE PHOTO for reference only   Thailand's business media has reported an analysis of the Thai economy by ttb Analytics.    They are an economic analysis group who have pre

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Amazing how they put out and silly predictions just to show that all is not lost and the good times will be here again with the operative word "if" looming large...

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what are these guys taking, i want some. the optimism is overwhelming. covid scores are rising, beaches and parks are being shut. well at least the pound is going up. 

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A number of things may happen.  The world may wake up and realize that this "pandemic" is really more of a "panicdemic" and loosen up entry requirements or Thailand fails to meet its vaccine totals and remains shuttered.

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