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Oh brother! PM’s family hit with graft accusation

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No <deleted>..... its only taken 6 years for the NACC to establish something a kinderdarten child could do in 5 mins. No doubt it will take another 10 years to get evidence..... the fact it has

Easy to accuse, not so easy to prove, now stop talking about it, do something, now. Thats if you dare.🤭😏

There must be some misunderstanding. Surely he just borrowed the assets from a dead friend?

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It would be extremely surprising if he did not have unexplainable millions, but you’d have he’d put it to good use, like getting those ears fixed. 


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20 hours ago, Lacessit said:

There's no gambling or prostitution in Thailand. I'm just surprised graft and corruption are not added to the list.

I thought the general /pm /******** said there was no corruption in Thailand 

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