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Pit bull attacks three year old - child has to go and live with gran as parents demand dog's removal

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Picture: Daily News


A three year old girl has become the latest little victim of a savage and unprovoked attack from a neighbor's Pit Bull dog.


Piano was playing happily without a care in the world on her toy car out front of her house in Ban Ya Phraek, Muang, Samut Prakan on an evening last week. 


Out of nowhere the beast - that some same make adorable family pets - attacked.


Her arm was torn to shreds requiring twenty stitches, four nights in hospital and medical fees between 80-90,000 baht followed, reported Daily News



Picture: Daily News


The parents said they were around but couldn't prevent the attack. They chased the dog away and said it was lucky they were there or they feared what might have happened to Piano. 


CCTV caught the moment of the attack.


But there was worse. Every time that the little girl hears the sound of the dog barking she is terrified and can't sleep.


She begged to leave home and go and stay with her grandmother and parents Kanphon, 34, and Sirimas, 33, had to give in.


The two owners of the dog agreed to pay restitution and secured their home better. The dog had got out of a gate not properly closed.


But the parents want the dog gone from the moo baan where there are many children. Only one of the owners agrees.


Police reports have been filed and the juristic person is facing a petition from householders. 


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-06-16
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Yet another one. About time all these animals are put down and the irresponsible owners who are protecting these dangerous animals put behind bars as they are just as guilty as the animal 

Cue the my Pittie/Staffie would not hurt a fly, there is no such thing as a bad dog only bad owner apologists for this continuing madness of keeping aggressive dogs near kids. Dog should be put down a

Certain breeds need to to phased out as they have been in Germany (they chose the wrong breeds, but that is by the by).   Dogs should be chipped and wormed   Owners should have to

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1 minute ago, Seismic said:

That dog is NOT a pit bull.

Agree....I wasn't sure what it was....looks like a Staffie on steroids.

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Just now, Staxer said:

Re_ seismic.... It may not be a pitbull but It sure looks close to me. Why anyone would want to keep a beast like this mystifys me!

....and caged, in this climate........if I were kept like that the first I would do on getting out is bite someone....!!!!

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11 minutes ago, garzhe said:

Society cant function without vehicles but can function perfectly well without dangerous dogs.

So you mean we make an assessment of the pro's and con's of having certain items? 

That sounds very reasonable I might say.


Pets are expensive: not just the buying them but also feeding them, buying toys, and the VET bills which are directly tied to the size (weight) of the dogs. Pets also cost a lot of effort and time: they need to be walked daily and need to be trained. You need to clean up their poo and look after them a lot. I take my dogs for a 1 hour walk in the morning already for example, and walk them once or twice later on the day for a shorter period of time.


Wouldn't you agree that people only spend so much time and money on dogs if they "get" something back? Like enjoyment, social interactions with others, a reason to go out daily and walk in nature, friendship, etc? And won't you think those things in life are part of "functioning well"? Like we can all live in pods, eat brown liquid food to stay alive, and work 16 hours per day, but that wont be fun right? It would be "killing" our spirit and will to live. It appears dogs (and other pets) help with that. Doesn't that sound great? 


Society can actually "function" without TV, entertainment, alcohol, variety in food, movies, comfortable chairs, warm water, massages, the freedom to pick your own clothes, a weekend where you don't have to work, etc. But we can probably agree that these things make life worthwhile. Right? So purely looking if a society can function without it should not be a very strong argument in this discussion.


Edit: you mention "dangerous" dogs, which is completely subjective. 

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4 hours ago, Seismic said:

That dog is NOT a pit bull.

Looks like a type of small one to me. Or if not it is maybe a mix between a Frenchie and a small/medium sized pitbull. I have a frenchie

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