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Thailand’s airports prepare for full reopening to foreign visitors in 4 months

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no carpet to sweep things under ?  

Somebody been watching too many movies, remember the movie Field of dreams......... If you build it they will come.

Thailand’s airports are preparing for the full reopening of the country to foreign visitors in four months, a goal set by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Wednesday, according to Deputy Transport M

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By the look of the airline names in the article it seems like they are expecting a mass of Chinese/ asians to flood in.

Mind you things are not good anywhere in the world, covid numbers are again rising with Russia going mad again and world numbers on the rise.

Travel bubbles are under strain already between NZ and Aussie, and the feared Delta strain is spreading around the world.

Nz had to stop people coming in from India as the quarantine facilities were under strain and as soon as they did this the numbers of imported people with covid dropped dramatically.


Since there are migrants living all over the world now, controlling the Delta strain is almost impossible

to contain, the only way probably would have been locking the borders, and land borders are next to impossible especially with smuggling and slave labor .

Couple that with vaccine scams starting up in India (Mumbai, india today news) and the likelihood that scams will happen in Thailand the whole world is in a mess 


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54 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

I think it is all so wrong,  but I do believe he will order it to happen.

Historically, when he says he wants something it usually does.

Seems to have a strong tone of business over lives at this point.



And this time I hope he sticks to his guns and the country will open.

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I plan to fly back this fall and return within a month or two. It is going to be quite pleasant to use Swampy, with only 400-600 international daily arrivals. 

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