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Man who stole bus steals patrol car from Ayutthaya police

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Maybe in his altered consciousness the voices convinced him that any unattended vehicle with the ignition keys left in it was there for public use




Just what is the stupidity requirements for enrolment with the RTP (is it more or less than that for Bus drivers)?

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Brilliant 👏  high or not talk about giving the finger!

Unfortunately I doubt if the MIB will see the funny side of it! He will probably find out what it's like to breath through a few plastic bags follwed by a tap on the head with a few telephone directories.

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This reminds me of the 'Porridge ' sit com when they escaped  in a coach that belonged to a visiting football team to the jail. 

A warm thankyou to the RTP for always giving us 'larf init. 

you have restored some happiness. 

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6 hours ago, mancub said:

So disappointed not to see the big vinyl board depicting the sequence of events !


but 6 of the RTP genius division at the photo op to bask in the applause for solving such a complicated case....

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He seems to be working his way up the motor vehicle theft ladder, 

They better not live him alone anywhere near a tank, 😂

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