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Thailand Crowned Best Country to Visit in 2024


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Guess I needed to get out more, as have only visited a few (below) on that list.  Though just as many, in the Americas, Caribbean Islands, that didn't make the list.   And more than a few states, that are as big or larger than some countries.




Myanmar, Denmark & Sweden not making the list.   Does spending way to many hours at the airport count, then I can add Germany, France & Japan.   


Especially Japan, as been there about 20 times, and spent 4-6 hours at the airport, killing time in the VIP lounge.:cheesy:

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Top of my list is Barbados. I spent the best part of 2 winters there, before I came to Thailand and I loved every minute of it. Fun people, great night spots and restaurants, a fantastic climate and  beautiful beaches that you could, very often, have to yourself. On both occasions I rented inexpensive apartments for 2 and 3 months and if circumstances had been different I'd probably be living there now.

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Complete nonsense and should in no way be taken seriously. Best country. Best city. Best place for expats. Best food. Best place for hub of hubs. Rediculous. p.s. when was the last time if ever you've heard of a forest being descibed as "verdant"? More ChatGPT word salads being passed off as journalism.

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2 hours ago, pjuk said:

If you want cool weather why on earth are you visiting the tropics ?

FYI Thailand is in the tropics and the average temperature 30 - 35 c.


It has somewhat cooler nights in winter and lower daytime highs than during the hot season that is right now. In the north it can even get a bit cold. Besides the weather in places like Canada and most of Europe in December and January is mostly s**t so it is still better in TH, if only for a few months.

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5 hours ago, gomangosteen said:

Surveys/polls like this ... unless the voters have been to many/all the countries listed (unlikely) then their vote will be for the one/s they have visited.

Hardly a balanced set of statistics.


It is a CEO survey with 295,000 respondents. I was a humble Country Manager and Area Director, and been to all but four of the 30 in my 70 odd countries visited, and having lived in 8 countries in most continents. I'm pretty sure most CEOs are fairly well travelled, if only for conferences, often taking opportunity to holiday in neighboring countries.

Nevertheless these surveys are only indicative, and I'm also surprised Japan isn't listed. Have no problem with Thailand up there, deserve at least top five placing depending on interests, budget and travel mode etc.

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The list is too suspicious of a small sample size and it doesn't say anything about why there are many countries that have up to 3 times more tourists than Thailand per year, and its been that way for decades, and unlikely to change.

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20 hours ago, dinsdale said:

p.s. when was the last time if ever you've heard of a forest being described as "verdant"?

Or ancient sites described as archaic. 

How did Sri Lanka get there?  The place is bankrupt with gangs of prowling unemployed men following tourists (especially those with women in the group).  You can't even buy Duty Free anything in the airport if you want to use up your local currency!

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World Economic Forum (WEF) travel -tourism index.


Tourism operators are disappointed with the government for failing to improve the country’s position in the travel and tourism development index, after Thailand dropped to 47th place, from 36th, in the latest World Economic Forum (WEF) index.

The decrease was also larger than the decline seen in the 2021 index, when Thailand fell from 35th to 36th place, which was attributed to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among Southeast Asian nations, three countries outperformed Thailand – Singapore, which was ranked 13th, followed by Indonesia (22nd) and Malaysia (35th). Compared to 2019, Thailand also fell by six spots and lagged the global average of 117 countries by 3.9%.

Thailand, which was classified as an upper-middle income country in this index, had the lowest score in tourist services and infrastructure at 2.18 of 7, while the overall index of infrastructure and services also secured a low average score of 3.61.

Source: (page 11)



Greece is in 21 position +13.9% difference average  🙂🙂🙂

Do you know with just a glance to read indexes? 

They have very high positive deviation for European States including European zone countries (countries they do not have adopt euro as their national currensy) and the index is very low for famous destinations like Thailand comparing Thailand tourism with Lithuania -Romania -Slovenia -Georgia -Croatia.

I know noone of my friends and coleagues from my work who have already visit countries like.....Georgia -Lithuania etc but instead of that they have visited one time Thailand and they are jealus because I have the chances to travel in Thailand and Malaysia.

My prognosis guys say that international toursim is back again in Europe States because Greece bookings in the middle of 2024 year estimate 32 million tourist until now...........and real estate houses price are very -very low (€1.500 sq/m at the center of Athens.......).

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