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More private schools in Thailand to close due to pandemic related cashflow problems


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About 70 private schools in Thailand have closed down during the past nine months, due to the impacts of COVID-19,and about 100 more are expected to follow suit, including 10 which have already notified the Office of the Private Education Promotion Commission about their decision to close.


The latest, after more than 80 years in operation, is the well known Amnuaysilpa Thonburi School in Bangkok, citing cash flow problem.

Education Minister Kanokwan Wilawan said that that she is fully aware of the problem and will consult Pornsak Rattana, secretary-general of the Office of Private Education Promotion Commission, about how to address the problem.


Meanwhile, Dr. Supaset Khanakul, president of the Association of Private Education Promotion and Coordination Committee, pointed out that, since the opening of the new semester, many private schools have been unable to collect school fees from parents, totalling about one billion baht, leading to cash flow problems.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/more-private-schools-in-thailand-to-close-due-to-pandemic-related-cashflow-problems/


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14 hours ago, Hamus Yaigh said:

Many kids in our area of Bangkok went to a private English language school nearby with foreign teachers. The school would not reduce fees at all and have changed to home schooling since start of year. Many parents have now withdrawn their kids for other cheaper online alternatives going forward next term.

Can you reply to this topic or message me the info of these online schools you are talking about. THanks

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My daughter is at a private school in Nang Rong. They did not refund the fees i had paid when they closed due to the deadly pandemic.  I complained about not getting my money back but in retrospect they can keep the money as long as they open back up next month. I cant imagine having to send her to a govt school.

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11 hours ago, MarcelV said:

I teach at a very prestigious private school and we have been having online classes since May. I'm not worried about the school closing down for good. The school has been in business too long to forfeit. The fallout would be unthinkable.

You are probably at Bangkok Patana or somewhere similar which would have had an online program for all and collected fees throughout. No way such a school would fold.

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16 hours ago, RafPinto said:

How much do they charge at those "private" school.

Is it a Thai school under the "private" school umbrella or a real "International School".


I know how much we pay in fees for the private school. Not cheap.

"Private" and "International" schools are 2 completely different Systems... "Private" is usually 100% Thai..  Middle Class and Upper Middle Class... "International" are where expense account Expats send their kids, and is much more expensive than the Private Schools!! 

Hi-So Thai kids go to school abroad!! 



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