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Big Decision: Which Asian country is ideal for foreign retirees?


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31 minutes ago, gejohesch said:

I personally understand why Mexico, Colombia, France, Spain or Portugal figure in the top 10.


Portugal and Spain, great also, cheap enough, very safe, lots to do and see, good climates.

These destinations only lack one very important thing: WOMEN. No pay4play experience.


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1 hour ago, Dan747 said:

 I personally feel Thailand should be off the list with it's Covid-19 Entry Insurance Scams, TM-30 reporting, and all. It seems to be getting more expensive by the year as the TAT comes up with a New Tourist Schemes to their advantage. I am surprised Tourists want to come to Thailand with all the "B$." I believe it would be much more beneficial to go somewhere else. Just my thoughts.

Retirees are not tourists usually. 

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3 hours ago, Dustdevil said:

Japan?! Only if you speak fluent Japanese and are not white.

Which greatly reduces the candidates, too bad I like Japanese girls ????

More seriously in Japan you don't get residency retirement.


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1 hour ago, malibukid said:

who goes to Sri Lanka for sex?  Sri Lanka has great beaches and good surfing.  beautiful animal parks. and very nice people and a wide variety of environments. 

I agree it is one of the best options to consider carefully.

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1 hour ago, Caldera said:

Vietnam doesn't even have a retirement visa, so much as I like visiting the country, it has no business being on that list.


If Thailand didn't have an incompetent government and nonsensical immigration procedures, it would be pretty much perfect. Even as it is, I think it's pretty good.

Even if Thailand's immigration procedures were "perfect," Thailand expats would still find something to complain about.  So might as well make it onerous.  Those that can't handle it will just leave....everybody wins. 

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10 minutes ago, Guderian said:

I've been mulling this over lately as the pandemic draws to a close. Do I want to stay in Thailand forever more or would it be better to move elsewhere? I'm happy in Thailand and have been living here for almost 18 years now, but the lack of an official retirement programme worries me more and more as I get older. Specifically, I'm concerned that they might suddenly come up with, for example, full medical insurance requirements in order to extend a Non-Imm O visa for a year, as has happened with the OA visas. If you have any kind of a complicated medical history, even if you're 100% fit today, the insurance policy exclusions often mean that it's not possible to get full cover and, indeed, it can be unclear what exactly is covered by it until you need to make a claim against the policy and it's denied. And then, once you get into your late 70's or 80's, the annual premium can become similar to buying a small car every year, simply impractical. It's not only medical insurance, of course, they could change the rules in a number of other ways that might make life much more expensive and less pleasant here. At least in Malaysia they have a formal retirement programme, though the financial requirements might be too much for a lot of people, so you have certain legal rights which you do not have in Thailand, and never will have as far as I can see. All most of us have here is the right to beg for a new extension every year, which is usually granted without any issues, but my concern is that this may not always remain the case. As you get older, good quality hospitals and medical care are a must, which basically reduces the candidates to just Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Forget the island state, it's not a good choice for most, and to my mind it leaves Thailand and Malaysia looking similar on most fronts that matter, but Malaysia offers greater security in your retirement (if you can afford it) with its formal programme for retirees.

It seems to me that not many retirees have a monthly income of $ 2380 to take advantage of the mm2h visa



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