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Seems you need a master’s degree to handle Thai immigration rules


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Master Degree? Wrong! Proper training, stop changing the rules. Be kind and stop bribing Farang for money.  Not all do it but many do. Especially small Provence. 

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2 hours ago, RandiRona said:

We dont need master degree , we just need @ubonjoe. He is the best !!!! @ubonjoe rocks!!!


28 minutes ago, DezLez said:

I suppose the article proves it point as it was out of date before it was published!

The Covid extension was extended on Saturday 21 May until 25 July.


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Advice I use is the one I downloaded (somewhere here I think) 

Keep it on the wall in plain sight.

Works for me, after all, it's Thai's country, if you don't like it then nick off.


"When it comes to dealing with officialdom here, whomever you are dealing with, determines what the requirements are at that time.

It may be different tomorrow, or it may be different today if dealing with a different official.

At least, after we have lived here a while, we figure out how things work and we are not taken by surprise when the rules change."


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3 hours ago, webfact said:

It isn’t possible to apply for an advance Thailand Pass whilst still in this country.

I have and so have quite a few other friends and acquaintances.

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1 hour ago, TaoNow said:

Why isn't this thread in the Visas sub-forum?

Maybe because the real moderators didn't want move it?

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2 hours ago, bbko said:

Most government info is posted at a 8th grade reading level, when it comes to Thai visas, many problems arise with hearsay, rumors, half information, "somebody said" type stuff and the "special ED" types go and hire an agent claiming the bypass of a 1 hour wait is worth the multi thousand bath payment....555. 

If you're too dense to understand what others consider basic 8th grade reading level instructions, and want to claim hiring an agent is easier, have at it, enjoy paying triple/quadruple for a simple procedure.

Some of us are working long hours and have children - for us using an agent to get an appointment and be in and out of immigration in less than an hour is well worth it.


If I had lots of time and not much money I would do all the paperwork myself...



Most of the visa extension requirements are simple except when iO add or change things at the last minute and different offices require different things...

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