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Father's Day drama - dad is killed after going to help his son following Facebook threats


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Picture: Thai Rath


Klong Luang police in Pathum Thani are trying to get to the bottom of an incident that left a father dead after he went to help his son.


It happened in the early hours of yesterday morning, Father's Day in Thailand. 


Thai Rath reported that Klong Luang police went to the road by Klong 2 leading to Wat Dhammakaya along with Poh Teck Tung rescue services.


There a Toyota Corolla being driven by Amnat Saiyasri, 43, had hit a tree.


He was dead after being crushed against the console. Three passengers were severly injured, two 19 year old women and a 22 year old man who were rushed to Thammasat Chalermprakiat Hospital.


The deceased's son Latthaphon, 17, said that he had received threats on Facebook and gone to the Klong Luang police to report the matter. 


His father had come to pick him up then they had all headed for a friend's house.


The son was one of four young people on two bikes leading the way while his father was with his girlfriend and two other friends in the Corolla.


While going to the friend's house one of the riders did a wheelie and this appeared to have angered three people on a motorbike who turned back and confronted them about it shouting:


"Ow mai?" - do you want some? - and two people riding pillion produced knives. 


They all fled the knife wielding people on the other bike with the father in pursuit.


The father hit the bike containing the knife men hitting it and causing one to come off. 


The Corolla then spun round and slammed into the roadside tree.


The assailants on the bike came to pick up their fallen friend and disappeared into the night. 


It was 3.30 am on Father's Day. 



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30 minutes ago, webfact said:

Klong Luang police in Pathum Thani are trying to get to the bottom of an incident that left a father dead after he went to help his son.


They can start by reading the article. Sounds like they already know what happened.

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Sounds like a number of folks, who though they matured in years, never matured emotionally. And that is not an uncommon occurance here. I find most women here to be more emotionally developed than most men. Is that what happens when one is coddled too much, and told you are special, a thousand times too many, with absolutely nothing to back up that statement, other than a false belief that boys are somehow better than girls? 

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18 hours ago, LukKrueng said:
On 12/6/2022 at 10:19 AM, CelticBhoy said:

"Amnat Saiyasri, 43"


They just don't grow up, do they?

He had a 19 years old girlfriend. Had to try keep up, didn't he?

His son, who went on the bike, is the one with the 19-year old girlfriend, who was in the car.

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On 12/6/2022 at 10:30 AM, Lucky Bones said:

I can see in my village who is likely to become an adult.

Sadly there are few there on radar.

Sure, no doubt true.

Also true is that plenty of youngsters don't want to 'stand out' when they are with their peers who are not interested in education, getting ahead etc.


Seen this close to our extended family.


Aunt wants to just blend in, have the same poor quality housing as everybody in the village. Most can't afford anything better but aunt can. Her son is just finishing his 2nd masters degree and his mum is not happy because it makes her think her neighbors don't like her now, she's got high education in the family. 


My Thai son (well educated, 2 masters degrees and in process of trying to get his Ph.D., but very few people know waht qualifications he has) talked to her carefully, end result she told my son 'don't come here, my neighbors don't like people like you and they don't make me welcome like they used to'.  


Not true in every village of course but it does happen.

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19 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

No male ever grows up in this country


nonsense, and more of an indictment on your lifestyle than anything else. my thai friends, male and female, are educated (many to master degree level in the UK or US), have good professional jobs and are widely traveled. they are in many ways comparable to my friends back home.



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On 12/6/2022 at 3:24 AM, Lucky Bones said:

Children, always children.

"The deceased's son Latthaphon, 17, said that..."


who cannot be named for legal reasons........

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