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Facing hardship for love! Belgian man falls for Thai guy and helps family collecting trash


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Each to their own comes to mind 

But it's a low if the Belgian guy has money in Belgian and is now picking up rubbish for a living in Thailand 🇹🇭 

( probably not for long ) 


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3 hours ago, JonnyF said:



I don't have a Crystal Ball but once this story dies down I can see a visit from immigration officials in this man's future. 

Hmmmmm.....i think you're right. Can't have these pesky farangs doing work  Thais can do, can we ?

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I knew a cat called Wayout Willy.


Willy had an accident. 




See Willy's blood flow!


Willy is a hard worker.


Willy helps out with all the household chores.




Willy collects bottles dumped on the roadside and other trash to sell.


Willy pays utilities with money!


Everyone in the village knows Willy.


Doing that crazy hand jive.

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