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Chinese Tour Groups Visiting Thailand Still Down by 90 Percent Compared to 2019


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12 hours ago, KhaoNiaw said:

This fits with what I've seen in my area. The little hotels that were set up to receive the Chinese tours are getting quite a lot of Chinese and other nationalities who are independent travellers but no sign of the tour buses.
I'm not a fan of our condo units going to short-term tourists but a very pleasant Chinese family got in the lift the other day. I received a very warm greeting in English from the daughter, who must have been 6 or 7 years old. The father said they were in Bangkok for a few nights before going to Phuket. Their first trip out of China since the pandemic. Asked for some recommendations about where to eat in the area and thanked me for the suggestions, friendly and polite. 

In the words of Basil Fawlty "Should've had them stuffed!"

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13 hours ago, ukrules said:

Thailand is on a list maintained by the Chinese government - it's not a good list.


There's some very weird stuff happening over the last few months :

It's not clear if this is nationwide or just in a handful of places......


"Local police stations are carrying out strict review processes for people leaving China, particularly if they're going to Thailand, Cambodia or other Southeast Asian countries,"

Read this : https://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/travel-restrictions-02202023160935.html

My step daughter works at King Power.She says that their Chinese business is down a ton. Your article makes sense now. tnx

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12 minutes ago, koolkarl said:

I have been here 21 years and know many Thais.  Not one of them likes to deal with them which surprises me.

No one really does... They are as unpopular as visitors in Oz and NZ, as they are in Hong Kong. (Probably in more places so, but for the places I named I know it as a fact.)

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1 hour ago, RichardColeman said:

One would have to seriously question the current quoted figure of tourist this year of 10 million tourists being real, if their main country of tourists is down 90% on 2019.


China is now having serious financial issues and I would only expect 10-25% of the 2019 to come for the forseeable future - besides any that come to see the condo they bought by tops in Soi Khoa Noi will see they still have not been built or worked on for 4 years ! Monies gone.

     You misread the article.  It is not saying tourists from China are down 90% from 2019.  It is saying Chinese group tours using ATTA is 90% down--not the same thing.  In 2019, independent Chinese travelers were the majority, not Chinese in group tours.   Whether the percentage of Chinese visitors to Thailand is up or down--and by how much--compared to 2019, cannot be drawn from this article.

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Yes I agree the normal Chinese tourists are fine polite ect 

It's the ones with the tour groups before Covid 19 were a disaster flooding out the hotel morning buffet speaking loudly and so on 

If the numbers stay down so be it 🥳


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