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Do you own a manbag?

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14 minutes ago, Stocky said:

I have a leather 'man-bag' long strap cross-shoulder type which I use if I'm travelling without the rolling office. Holds passport, credit cards, phone, kindle, house keys - the sort of stuff you might put in a coat which of course you would never need in the tropics.

Got a photo of it?

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Yes I have a few!

They are called, amongst many things, my wallet which I keep in one back pocket and sundries that I keep in my other pockets etc in various items of apparel !

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I have a sort of cloth shopping bag which most things fit into with short handles and a small backpack that I can shove more stuff into for longer days out.


I don't need a man bag.

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I have one similar to Stocky, but mine is nicer.. leather bag, w/compartments. I carry my kindle, my car keys, my wallet, a pad and paper and pen, a copy of my passport, etc... and my phone.. I could not fit those things comfortably in my pocket... The bag stays with me wherever I go.. Very handy. 


Mine is a lighter colored leather w/flaps and the zippered compartments are on the inside so no ugly zippers all over the place. Now that it is getting older and a bit stained, I have had a custom painting put on the outside... 


I would be lost w/o it - - and it would be lost w/o me. 


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A friend of mine always mocked about my bag.

He is a pocket stuffer.

I rarely go out without my bag.

And I DON'T forget it.

One afternoon we lay on the sunbeds at the beach.

I saw his keys slipping silently to the sand.

For a moment I was tempted to tell him a lesson and wait until he reaches his bike.

But of course I gave in and told him.

If he mocks again I will remember him.

There is a reason for the word pick"pockets".

Nothing easier to steal than a mobile or the like from a pocket.

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