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Living in Pattaya on 186000 a month


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16 minutes ago, connda said:

Another "Look How Much Money i Make...Do You Think I Can Scratch Out A Living In Thailand?," post.

Go get drunk with Bob and he'll show you the ropes.


186k a month is not a huge amount but one should live comfortable in Pattaya on it but obviously depends if children are involved.


OP mentions 70k a month at Siam Royal View.... that entry level 2 bed house in that estate.


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1 minute ago, AdrianUk said:

I looked at rugby school and regents. Monthly rugby is around 60k a month when divided across 12 months for a younger child.  Regents is 45k a month.  These schools are pretty full.


A friend has 4 children at Regents.


His income is north of 750k a month.

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13 minutes ago, AdrianUk said:


I have friends with 86,000 a month car payments in Pattaya.  People think 186k a month is a lot but they don't see these rich guys.

True, it is not that crazy, plenty who do even up to 500K a month, or more.

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1 minute ago, jaywalker2 said:

Sounds like you already have plenty of friends to advise you. I don't know why you're asking on this forum

Particularly after having visited 20 weed shops in Pattaya.
Maybe it's related.

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