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Taylor Swift Caught in Crosshairs of Bizarre MAGA Conspiracy Theory

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3 minutes ago, bamnutsak said:



Uhm, Rupert Murdoch is on Line 2 for you.


Fox Entertainment

Fox Broadcasting

Fox Sports (incl. NFL)


and of course their "political" wing: Fox News.






i dont watch any of those... i get a headache from people trying to brainwash the population

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8 minutes ago, Berkshire said:

I don't recall you or any right-winger ever criticizing, say, Ted Nugent for supporting Trump.  But nevermind....

I'm neither right nor left or support any candidate.   I don't vote, as find it a total waste of time. 


But I can think for myself.  Live life for me, the way I want, and what works for me.  Might be within their laws ... or not.  I don't care.  I live with my decisions.


To quote some famous person ... "If voting influenced anything, they wouldn't allow people to vote" ... or along those lines.

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