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Do you prefer long hair?

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52 minutes ago, Kinnock said:

I was trying a new remote flashgun using the Missus as a test model .... and I think her long hair looks great.


Short hair just isn't as sensual .... or photogenic.


Sensual? What do you do stuff it in her mouth? I like it short and will grab a handful gently if that is what my partner wants. 
They leave a lot behind to remember picking up some random during Covid I was finding long black hairs for weeks. 

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2 hours ago, Kinnock said:

Your example photos confirm my view that long hair is more beautiful.

Even with a relaxed mouth she looks dour with long hair. With the scowl in short, still has a refreshing characteristic. This one is a movie when she was a police investigator. I’d say if she smiled she would even be “cute”


Luv her anyway 



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36 minutes ago, Crossy said:


Even long-haired wives know which individual hair is theirs!! :whistling:




When I met my now Thai wife  (avec obligatory long black hair) 14 years ago, I was also in a relationship with a Platinum blonde back in the UK, thankfully 7,000 miles away. 

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20 hours ago, Captain Monday said:

I don't think it is attractive or sexy. Seems to be the thing in Thailand

Take stunning Korean actor and photographer Bae Doo-na

Much better with short hair. 




who is the young man in the 2nd picture ?

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49 minutes ago, Crossy said:

Of course, that lovely long hair comes in handy if your nookie preferences include the Rodeo.


It's where you put your lady down on all fours, get her from behind, get a couple of turns of that hair around your wrist, reach over to feel her assets and then whisper in her ear, "Your sister's are better."


You then try to stay on for 8 seconds.

Which hospital did you end up in?

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