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Thai man loses 10,000 baht after sex with woman met on roadside


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18 minutes ago, snoop1130 said:

A Thai man accused a woman he met on the roadside of stealing 10,000 baht in cash from him after they had sex. The woman insisted the money was her hard-earned cash.

thats preposterous. no one in their right mind would pay 10,000 for a freelancer. 


Gig. Good gig if you can get it. 

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15 minutes ago, Denim said:

She's a lumberjack and she's  OK, 

She works all night and she sleeps all day. 

She flags down cars and jumps inside 

And then removes her bra

On Wednesdays she goes shopping

And hangs around in bars.

What the title to that song?

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1 minute ago, stoner said:

The somchai blues

Totally dok jai to see her snap shot in the news .


Usually these human interest stories  have the blur on

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What is really astonishing with this story that a Thai man has 10,000 baht to begin with.

and by the way, 'Gig' (Gik) is also a term in Thai used to describe a sexual encounter...

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11 hours ago, Nick Carter icp said:


   She didn't claim that she earnt the money from having sex  with him , she claimed that she worked and the money was hers ,her job wasn't specified 

yeah, maybe she assembles IKEA furniture on slow nights on beach road. 

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4 minutes ago, Nick Carter icp said:


  Not all females work in prostitution, some do have other jobs

yeah, but those girls you need to chat them up at Starbucks and actually have a personality.

you cant just pick them up on a roadside by whistling. 

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