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Why do super markets insist on re stocking shelves during the day?

Asquith Production

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1 minute ago, Asquith Production said:

Its funny that all the shelves are getting low at the same time

If you observe it isnt all the shelves they are stocking. It looks like it I know but it isnt, just the ones that are low on stock.

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It's cost saving. Savings that can be passed onto customers.


In the UK, Lidl and Aldi stock up during the day. Look at their prices. Always lower than other supermarkets. The stores are always busy. It obviously is a business plan that works.

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1 minute ago, richard_smith237 said:


How do you know they don't stock the shelves at night ???


They also keep stock maintained in the day time, that doesn't mean they only stock the shelves at night...


...... But jeeez....   a few of you are going to some lengths to shoehorn a Thai bash out of this thread.... 




Your making it a Thai bash. Its the companies that make them do it.

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In other countries they have staff to resupply when the shop is closed.


not true, in the uk supermarket shelves are re-stocked during shop open hours


try not to see criticism through the lens that if something is not right it must be because it's thai/thailand.  :coffee1:


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