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Tourists behaving badly: Locals protest for better respect

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47 minutes ago, connda said:

Easy.  Tell the world that Thailand doesn't want tourist or their money.  Stop issuing visas - Bob's your uncle!  :thumbsup:

"Ai farang.  We don't need no stinky tourists."
Uncle Anutin

Tourists in general is not the problem, keeping the morons out apparently is.

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Only a half-wit would judge the people from another country by a small, badly behaved minority of tourists. Not exactly a representative sample. Mainly young people letting their hair down and old people with no hair.


What next? All muslims are terrorists? All black people are violent criminals? All white people are privileged?


These clever apes will never change 😟



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But the 700 jobs taken over by outsiders are not wanted by Thai people, ask my local bar/eatery they have had 2 vacancies since December, if a person Starts after 2 or 3 days they vanish

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I would say to the government, put up or shut up, but with regards to bad behavior let's not forget those that are calling for action, what's good for the goose is good for the gander

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