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Thailand Faces Economic Question: China and EV Cars


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5 minutes ago, Robert Paulson said:

  Nobody actually cares about the environment it’s all virtue signaling trendy yuppie bs

Are they gaslighting wokes???

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1 minute ago, Robert Paulson said:

I mean do I seriously have to sit here and even convince people that the dudes driving teslas are doing it for the environment?


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2 hours ago, steve187 said:

my views on ev's are lots of hype when they 1st came out, with various government's pushing them as a be all and end all to saving the planet, but 2nd hand prices are dropping more so then ice vehicles, on AN there is a big pro ev crowd, who try and convince all others to their merits, others like me are on the fence buying wise, but i do believe once the ev's are past their warranty period they will be really hard to sell on to others, with the price of replacement batteries. 


The main Japanese car manufacturers have been slow on the uptake to ev's. leaving the Chinese to corner the market, but will ev's still be in use when they are 20-30 years old as many ice vehicles are


I also think until a work around for all types of housing occupants to have the facilities to charge at home, they will never fully replace ice vehicles, i know many will post that technology will sort out all these problems 

ok ev lovers bring on the ' you are wrong' comments


There is an easy solution, the one the EU is infighting over, no more ICEs after 2035. But it can only work if the likes of Mercedes are told to shove off when they come whingeing.  Kudos to Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, who has decided to sell and support Chinese made EVs in his network. 

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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, who has just returned from Japan, will convene a meeting at Government House to tackle the negative trends plaguing Thailand’s economy.

The previous and sitting government themselves... ?

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3 hours ago, Kenny202 said:

To think these EV cars are a flash in the pan you would have to be blind. I live in a major north eastern city and EV's appear to be everywhere. I thought Thais would be more cautious / conservative about new tech but seemingly not. Would I buy one at this point? Probably not. The lifespan of the batteries and vehicle itself, quality of the Chinese build etc as far as I'm concerned not proven yet. And a lot of hoo ha at the moment Hydrogen is the way to go. In fact I think Toyota are heading down that path which speaks volumes. I will say this though, we got a Grab taxi a few weeks ago and rode in a BYD. Was stunned by the look, interior...the whole thing controlled by a tablet and last but not least the ride and acceleration was incredible. I have a 2014 Isuzu pick up which I bought new and haven't really been in a new car for some time. I must say made me feel old, like something from a futuristic movie. My feelings are the future of modern / future cars will be like current fad type items, like phones, TVs etc. Everything is disposable these days. If you don't have the latest, and in the case of phones anything over a year old is considered obsolete / dinosaur / wouldn't be seen dead using it. I mean the luxury car market (BMW, Benz etc) are so high tech now it's pretty much like that now where cars over 3-5 years old developing issues become uneconomical to repair

Bottom line is if the price is right Thais will buy.

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Also, all the Chinese EVs I've looked at (mini-EVs) only come in left-hand drive. A car like that can be registered and driven in Thailand, but right-hand drive is what is normal here. 

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6 hours ago, Robert Paulson said:

Everyone who is into ev acts like they are so concerned about the environment. Meanwhile their last car was a gas guzzling suv. Imo almost everyone should be driving super gas efficient cars. Of course commercial vehicles get a pass. I’ve said many times on this forum I get 70 miles per gallon on highway here in Thailand and I think those numbers could even be pumped up with all energy and design put on better fuel efficiency. But nobody cares everyone wants suvs and ev’s because it’s somehow cool. They’re not cool. Drive fuel efficient cars. Drive speeds conducive to fuel efficiency… which means driving much slower to the uninitiated (for not ev and gas). Everyone speeds though. It’s dangerous, it’s bad for the environment. Nobody actually cares about the environment it’s all virtue signaling trendy yuppie bs

That's nonsense.

Fuel efficiency is pathetic.

Subsequently the move to ecars is absolutely right 

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8 hours ago, TorquayFan said:

Yes China poses a very serious threat to Thailand's car manufacturing industry and the Thai Govt would IMO, be well advised to take firm action to protect this sector.


The insidious influence of China doesn't end there. Take little Chantaburi - it now has 5 branches of Mr DIY which has sucked the life out of many local traders. The 'CJ' chain has proliferated too. China finances infrastructure projects and the 'High Speed Railway' is underway.


The dollar has been set aside. Thailand's fevered tourist policy encourages massive numbers of Chinese visitors.


This is madness for Thailand. I see China as a bad actor, taking over in the South seas and they are an imminent threat to Taiwan.


Thailand has to assert it's position against this major neighbour, a World power, and not just roll over.

The RTN Admirals don't want you to be distracted by concern about PRC /CCP impact upon the Thai economy /Thai citizens employment.   After all, there is the issue of the Chinese submarine that RTN Admirals need for their prestige. 


Sarcasm: You must keep Thai National priorities in line with the RTN Admirals fantasies.

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31 minutes ago, Srikcir said:

It might also want to reconsider its current dedollarization policy in favor of BRIC that will denigrate its trade with Western nations and their investment into Thailand. 

Frankly, given a decade plus of economic disaster, the Western nations might be better off letting Thailand tie itself to the Chinese economic policies.


I agree with you on BRICS. I was stunned to see a respected English friend of mine from the hotel industry going to a BRICS meeting.  An Englishman attending any organisation out to destroy the established world order is ludicrous, Russia, China, gawd give me strength.


BRICS "The group was designed to bring together the world's most important developing countries, to challenge the political and economic power of the wealthier nations of North America and Western Europe."


Brics: What is the group and which countries have joined? (bbc.com)

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11 hours ago, ExpatOilWorker said:

It might already be too late.

Suzuki will probably be the first to close down auto manufacturing in Thailand after heavy losses 📉.  Hopefully they will keep their motorcycle division open.



Looks logical to close down...who is buying Suzuki cars? Toyota is the king here.



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