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British yoga teacher stranded in Bangkok airport over passport tear


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2 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Not correct IMO. Isn't it a fact that if one lands at Swampy but has an onward flight from Don Muang one has to enter Thailand. Such may be the case in India, or she had an overnight stay requiring her to leave the air side of the airport, just as I had to in Sri Lanka.

Agree I have had 'connecting' flights before and still had to go around through immigration, India and Bruni. 

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1 minute ago, Nick Carter icp said:


   Sounds like it was one of those cheap tickets where you have to collect your luggage and go thorough immigration at each stop 

Ok, they have such. I never even knew it existed.

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1 minute ago, Sheryl said:

It is certainly possible to change flights in India (at New Delhi anyway) without an Indian visa. As in most international airports yhere is a "Transfer" line that you follow. I've done it twice this year.


However  India being India, while you do not go through Immigration or need an Indian visa ,  you do have to go through a byzantine labyrinth in which you must present your passport and boarding passes several times to get into the departure area. And  India being India,   they might well kick up a fuss about a small tear.


would the transfer gate be available only for connecting flights that your luggage can be booked through. not sure if such facility is available to low cost airlines, I don't think it's even available to transfer luggage between low cost flight even if it's on the same airline even, say you connect at Bangkok, you have to collect your bag and check in again

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43 minutes ago, Gottfrid said:

I actually don´t get this. She had a ticket home to London, with multiple stops in India and Turkey. But isn´t this just stops and change of planes as usual? In that case she will not enter, nor have any need to enter the countries as she will remain at the airport. Am I missing something, or has it changed. To me the excuse that she can´t board because she will be refused entry in India is just garabge as she will never enter the country.

the last time I was in transit in Mumbai, they had 3 passport checks, paranoid or what???

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2 hours ago, Wuvu2 said:

IndiGo Airlines is a must-miss. I've never experienced a more impolite and aggressive airline staff or crew. Truly not at an international standard of customer care. 

So business as usual on the subcontinent.

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