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Foreigners who have been vaccinated still need to quarantine

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When it is proven I am sure they will reverse this decision. Pretty sure they are not idiots.    The UK has started vaccinations, but also just had their worst week for infections which will pr

They're idiots, vaccination is the only way out of this mess and as such it's their ultimate goal yet it's obviously not good enough for them.   I suspect they will also be quarantining reco

Well obviously! Who else is going to pay for all these empty hotel rooms? 

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7 minutes ago, Anton9 said:

We will see when soon most of other tourist destination will accept people without quarantine(some already do)

Not in Europe they don't. Even Sweden is passing a law to allow lock downs. This legal oversight was the excuse for their health ministry to go it alone with their dangerous policy of few social restrictions and flawed herd immunity misadventure.

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