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Expats getting a Covid-19 vaccine in Pattaya for dummies with emphasis on expats outside the Thai system

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Lot of whining about your personal situation... some facts: the situation for the Thai people is the same. While they can sign-up using the app, it is completely unclear how they will get select

Well, folks, here we go.  We got an announcement that foreigners are to be included (and free as well as if that matters) in the Thai national vaccine program. But oh no there's that cliche,

Predictably insulting. You can't help yourself, can you? But you may have provided some ideas. Again, I don't have a Thai ID. I assume most retired expats don't have a Thai ID.  There a

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Just now, digbeth said:

My international hospital in Bangkok (Bumrunrad) has emailed and offered to put me on a list for the government vaccine, stressing that there is no choice in vaccine (must be either Sinovac or AstraZeneca) and that the vaccine is free, but the hospital will be charging doctor's fee and service fee

I have declined so far, but if you are eager, migh be worth contacting Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to see if they have similar program? 

That's interesting. Thanks. 

Are you in a high risk group or not?

It matters in the context of this topic about the question about whether high risk expats are included in the priority program (earlier) along with Thais in the national program.

I'm pretty sure this group is NOT going to be given Sinovac based on my recent reading.

So either you're not in a high risk group or if you are, that hospital is signally to you that as a foreigner you're not included in the priority (earlier) high risk group. 

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2 hours ago, Jingthing said:

I want to be included along with the Thais in the EARLIER priority time for higher risk people, but the government has not made it clear whether they intend to include high risk foreigners in that priority.


Perhaps apply another old cliche....... you are on the priority list, just below the family distant aunt, the sick buffalo and the 4 pet mongrels. 


2 hours ago, Jingthing said:

But recently the government said that private hospitals can't independently buy vaccines. So for the time being, I'm going to assume that that option is not happening.

I saw an email copy from someone recently suggesting private hospitals had been given the go ahead to source their own vaccines,  and the hospital had ordered, with an aim to go on public sale, maybe by June. Perhaps the authorities are flip-flopping on this though... I suspect they want to be in sole control!


Good post.

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2 minutes ago, petermik said:

Have you tried contacting the UK Embassy perhaps they may be able to help...........😁

Calm down ignore my first response and get it sorted privately as I would.....contact Gavin Waddell a fine chap from Scotland......Email: [email protected] and he will get back to you swiftly with all the info you may need......personally after having a bad reaction to a flu jab back in the late 60,s I,m reluctant to accept the Covid jab unless it becomes mandatory.

I share your concern. 

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Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

I asked my Thai friend to call Bangkok Hospital Pattaya this morning to inquire about a vaccine for expats.

This is the message she sent me.

Nothing else to report, just this information given to her by someone at the hospital.


That's not good and that's not the same as information being announced nationally that indicates there will be an earlier phase for high risk people  (not sure if Thais only or not) where it would not be Sinovac starting I think in June.

Of course that list doesn't mention any Pattaya hospitals.

As I strongly suspected in my OP this is not going to be very clear or easy for many or most of us.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Pilotman said:

most of what the government  comes up with is total <deleted>. , Free, no its not; for all expats, no its not; choice of vaccine, no, just the <deleted> stuff from China and Russia, those bastions of openness and probity.  Its the usual smoke and mirrors  that this government is so fond of.  I either pay privately for the vaccine I want, when those morons in charge of supply get their act together, or they can stuff it and I will take my chances. 

The current information is that what you want from private hospitals is not going to be available. Currently it appears that you need to somehow get registered in the national system and that you won't be given a choice of vaccine even if done at a private hospital.


That could change of course.

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@Jingthing shame you had to endure that diatribe from a holier than thou member, ignore him he may go away, in the meantime the info posted by @bkk6060 is encouraging, yes I know August is 3 months away but waiting for the jab you want, when you want it is better than being dictated to accept a sub standard vaccine ( Sinovac or Sputnik ) I believe the AstraZeneca jab is also acceptable & let's be honest here, the way things are going generally in Thailand we will be at the very back of any government free jab queue.

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