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Thai husband shows his undying love - tattoos marriage certificate on his arm


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42 minutes ago, jak2002003 said:

That's not a normal thing to do. 


It would be ringing alarm bells in my head if my partner did something like that.


Hope doesn't turn out to be a controlling, insecure, jealous freak that will beat up or murder his wife if she wants to leave him in the future.



I tend to agree with your assessment. For now, the tattoo may genuinely be just a testimony of his love for her, but it also serves as proof of his intention to remain sexually faithful to her, and an obstacle for him to himself cheat. Were she to ever be unfaithful to him or want to end the relationship, leaving him filled with resentment about all the nookie he had to pass up because of the tattoo, not to mention stuck with a reminder of his failed marriage forever tattooed on his forearm, as well as the prospect of having to explain it to every future romantic partner, it's not difficult to see how the tattoo could amplify his sense of betrayal and anger, possibly increasing the odds of violence at the time of a breakup. I certainly wish the couple a lifetime of happiness together, but that's probably not something I'll be doing anytime soon.

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43 minutes ago, Tarteso said:

Where does the lady have the certificate tattoo?



Given hubby's apparent obsession and mental instability, if you happen find out it'd be prudent to not tell a soul.........

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