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Its the first time I'm worried about living in Thailand. Might be better off leaving for the motherland.

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Depends very much on where your 'motherland' actually is. Some are worse than here, not many any better.  As for the UK, my so called motherland, I would rather stick needles in my eyes than go back t

It's natural to feel scared/worried, however you have to see through what they are saying, e.g. 15,000 per day doesn't mean that is 15,000 deaths per day, that is the number of people infected and mos

With over 15,000 daily infections I'm starting to get worried about living here. We have a small business and there are no lockdowns yet in our city. But the way things are going this is probably goin

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55 minutes ago, bbabythai said:

What I dont understand is why the Thai government didnt have the intelligence to pre-pay and mass order the vaccines back when western countries were doing this last yr. Absolutely useless bunch....

so you're upset now? imagine how you'd feel if you had 2 jabs and still caught delta variant? cos that's what's happening........

stay put......build up your supply of rations for when the whole thing gets even worse! 🤪

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55 minutes ago, Johnny Mac said:

Talk for yourself, fella.

Meaning ?

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5 minutes ago, 4MyEgo said:

Meaning ?

Meaning we are not all scared like you are, but you already knew back. Now back behind your sofa!

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