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Easing of property laws for foreigners should not price Thais out of the market


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1 hour ago, nausea said:

Evergrande probably makes this initiative irrelevant. 

Never heard of them until 14 days ago, but it lookslike a bankruptcy is not something we should wish for.

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3 hours ago, mikebell said:

If I had ten million baht I wouldn't be be begging Thailand to let me in to buy a more expensive house than I need in an area not of my choice!  Why can't they see that the best investment is in retirees who live here permanently; adopt Thai children abandoned by their fathers; support the mothers/families and local companies all year round yet get treated as terrorists in every walk of Thai life.

You mean suckerswho marry single mom prostitutes?


That demographic is never going to be something any government attracts.


They are looking for wealthy.



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  They can offer land purchase for foreigners only in certain areas (undeveloped, rural) and limit amount of land per one owner.

  Most of Thais are already priced out by richer Thais, I see hundreds townhouses bought at price above 5 mln, and most of it just stay empty, rich Thais just parking they excess money in property.

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