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Sinovac has one big advantage over other vaccines, official says

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Another way of saying the sinovac is available in large quantities compared with other vaccines is we totally messed up ordering and making the better ones ourselves.  This is not a statement as to si

. Sinovac has one big advantage over other vaccines, official says     It is easier for Thais to pronounce than Pfizer or Astra Zeca....?     .

It comes in a big brown envelope.

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2 minutes ago, mfd101 said:

That's not really fair. He makes the point - valid in my view - that Sinovac was the only vac available to Thailand in large numbers at the relevant times. The others were NOT available at the time (ask any Australian).


Of course there were also mistakes made (refusing Indian help with AZ, which was soon cut off anyway because of India's own needs, & no doubt some brown envelopes passing around).

A fair point but how much of this was down to too much emphasis being put on keeping the virus out, both here and Australia, rather than vaccine procurement and development in the first place. Even when it became clear that vaccines would be needed in huge numbers there was a hell of a lot of dithering.

i supposed hindsight is a wonderful thing and many of us looked on smugly as our home countries were swamped by the virus.

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10 minutes ago, Henryford said:

It comes in a big brown envelope.

Yes and since a million Thai baht is only around US$ 30,000 (chump change) that would take a pretty big brown (manila?) envelope, huh?



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7 minutes ago, CrunchWrapSupreme said:

It's analogous to the foreign teacher situation. I often get asked:


"Why can't I do volunteer work? Why can't I just teach for a few hours here and there? I'm retired and just want to help out. But they insist I go the full, official route, and be hired full time. Why?"


Because from the latter, salaried position they get a cut. From volunteers, there's nothing to grab.


There's "juice" in the Chinese deal. In dealing with others, there'd be none.

Whether true or not, this seems to be one of those "Everyone knows..." situations but in the no-confidence measures early this month the opposition seemed unable to prove any of their embezzlement charges.


PM Prayut accused of embezzlement in Sinovac vaccine purchases via Thaiger 2 SEP 2021



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"...according to one public health official..."

One anonymous Thai health official, vs. the rest of the world's health experts. Hmmm. Sounds scientifically sound to me. 

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From the article link:


The official also defended the MOPH’s controversial Sinovac + Astrazeneca cocktail which has been criticized by the public.

The science is in, the mixing of the vaccines boost effectiveness. All this criticism is just political and it is costing us lives because people become apprehensive to get jabbed.”


They've yet to tell WHO about the science in mixing Sinovac with AZ as they've not received it, they've only got evidence of safety and effectiveness for mixing AZ with one of the mrna vaccines brands.

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