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Chinese man arrested as raid on Bangkok warehouse nets 16 million baht in pirated shoes, shirts


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8 minutes ago, sanuk711 said:

Like some of the drug busts---they do the street sale price, looks good for them............


anyway I am glad my wife doesn't spend 16 Million without asking me first........:w00t:



My GF just place an order at Lazada.


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I reckon his mistake was selling them online, and hinting that they might be real brands. This stuff is sold at the night markets all the time with no issues. Yet he was prob driven online with most of those now being shut.


You know, I once paid 1000 baht for an Adidas bag at Central. I figured it'd be better quality and last me a long time. Not really. The paint's been flaking off, the threads are coming loose. It's made in China, Vietnam, etc. right next to the "real" stuff. I might've done better to pick up a night market one. Same same but different.

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