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Police seize illegal sex toys in Bangkok


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An 'illegal sex toy'?  I'm not at all sure that I understand what that can possibly be, unless it substitutes as an offence weapon.  Admittedly. some I have seen on sale would make a very effective cosh, but you can't ban it for that surely? 

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7 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

So great to see them doing real police work, and protecting the nation from such dangers. The Thai people are no doubt very proud of their cops. 

Was watching a video this morning (for educational purposes) of a thai lass using an extremely large "toy" for pleasure.... one wrong move and she'd be cream crackered.


Defo Dangerous.

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"A Thai man and his Vietnamese wife were arrested for illegally importing the products over the border into the north east and distributing them for sale online over the last two years."


I suppose people will have to revert to the only sexual performance enhancer legally available...Lao Khao.

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1 hour ago, ikke1959 said:

THailand, all over the world known for the sexindustry has a law that sextoys are illegal... I suppose in the law is written that only living materials are allowed.....to protect the industry

Organic versions are cheaper

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